Betsy Jean: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Emmeline: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

We celebrate love.


I know there are a lot of Valentine’s haters in the world, mostly it appears because of how commercialized the holiday is, but I suppose that could be said about any national holiday now days. We choose to celebrate it. We celebrate it with champagne and flowers and dinner and cards and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. Want to know why? It’s because we believe love is worth celebrating. On Valentines, and, on the random Tuesday. So that means the rest of the year we sometimes celebrate with champagne and flowers and dinner and cards.  We believe in the milestones as much as we believe in the routine. We believe in the magic as much as we believe in the hard spaces.

Love continues to look different than I thought it would be…it’s less romance and more sacrifice. It’s fewer adventures but deeper roots. It’s become less emotional and more intentional. This week it’s been waking up and getting up together in the middle of the night to care for a sick baby. It’s been taking turns in the kitchen and staying connected even when we’d rather zone out. It’s showing up, at work, at home, with our kids, with our God.

Love continues to look different than I thought, and, it continues to be better. That, is why we celebrate it. On Valentines. On Tuesdays.

New Year, New Start.

The last couple of months have been rough. My husband was in a serious car accident, my dad was in the hospital, holidays, a precious friend passed away unexpectedly and my baby boy suffered a head trauma. Typically I LOVE New Years. It centers me, focuses me for the year–I love the anticipation of a fresh start and new goals, but this year it was hijacked by life and I began this year completely unfocused and the entire month of January it was felt. My head and heart weren’t aligned and each week has come and gone, foggier and disconnected.

Which is why I decided that February 1st is the start of my new year. I need a restart as I refuse to live this year following a disconnected person’s script. I know MY STORY and it doesn’t look like this, which is why today, despite medical bills and grief and everything that’s left unfinished I’m celebrating.

I’m pretty open about how much I believe in therapy. My formal education in in clinical social work, and I’ve spent the last three and a half years off and on in individual therapy, couples therapy, pastoral therapy, etc. I want to grown, and believe we can’t do it on our own. Areas of my heart that I didn’t even know were wounded have found healing, my boundaries are stronger, my inner being more secure. I have reached a level of stability internally like I have never experienced before–and you know what?!! I WANT MORE. Which is why this year, my goals both professionally and personally are to take new ground.

With work I anticipate growth in my niche and slight shift as it starts to include more maternity clients and specialized mommy & me sessions! I anticipate that 2015 is the last year that I will be professionally doing family photography as I focus more on what I’m passionate about. I plan on launching my first studio space and continuing to help women and mothers celebrate their God deposited beauty…friends I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!

Personally I intend to hone my skills with intuition and hope specifically to apply this to my work-life balance, to practicing greater intuitive eating, to challenging myself physically in areas that I don’t have to, but GET TO. I want to deepen into honoring my husband and learning how to be kind to myself and children, in my most frustrated spaces. This. This is what I refuse to let unravel, this is what I won’t wait until another year or season to practice.

THIS matters to me, they matter to me, I matter to me.

God has been Immanuel like I’ve known him and never known him to be. He is faithful. I hope this year I grow in faithfulness to. Don’t wait to purpose your life friends, don’t wait for the right season to restart, to not be buried by the weight of your trials but instead, grow out of them into the story you want to be living.

Do it with me?

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Emma: Scottsdale Newborn Photographer

 Emma was an absolute DREAM to pose!! She slept the whole session and was super cuddly (my favorite!!)

Most of the session I stuck with my normal light color scheme, but I decided to branch out a bit for a few with this bright coral set-up and am so glad I did now!

 Emma’s big sister Anya participated in the second half of the shoot and was equally adorable!! Gah, I just love a little girl in a tutu!

This is my favorite from the day because of her little smirk! (runner up is below;))

This is my second favorite from the day! Just love this pose and that bow!