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Birth is such a holy experience. It welcomes in tradition and new life simultaneously, and it is always an honor to be invited into someone’s birthing space. This sweet mama was twelve days over due, and we were all anxious and ready for Wyatt’s arrival! When I finally got the phone call, it was short and direct–the baby was coming. I threw my gear into the car and some clothes on and drove the ten minutes to their home, only to walk in to hear baby cries! He came lightening fast, so fast in fact that no one but his daddy was there to catch him! His grandparents and I arrived a few minutes after and walked in to find his mama holding him on the bedroom floor, still attached.

Wyatt was born en caul, still inside his sac. It is considered unique and good luck in most cultures! I photographed the hours after birth and then came back the next morning to capture the new family of five! I love how intimate and wonderfully relaxed home births are, and this one was no exception. Enjoy these intimate photos~

Her husband wiped off her feet and I couldn’t help but appreciate how tenderly he cared for her…

Memorizing every single detail of his face. 

I absolutely LOVE this image!! Shows the support and adoration of their family…

Babies come out ready to connect. I love how Wyatt grabbed hold of each of the midwives hands.

Time for a weigh in 😉 He was a good sized baby! 

Unsure. Disappointed. Not everyone knew what to make of the baby. 

My favorite family image! I’d blow it up on a big canvas 😉 All the boys. 


I know there are a lot of Valentine’s haters in the world, mostly it appears because of how commercialized the holiday is, but I suppose that could be said about any national holiday now days. We choose to celebrate it. We celebrate it with champagne and flowers and dinner and cards and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. Want to know why? It’s because we believe love is worth celebrating. On Valentines, and, on the random Tuesday. So that means the rest of the year we sometimes celebrate with champagne and flowers and dinner and cards.  We believe in the milestones as much as we believe in the routine. We believe in the magic as much as we believe in the hard spaces.

Love continues to look different than I thought it would be…it’s less romance and more sacrifice. It’s fewer adventures but deeper roots. It’s become less emotional and more intentional. This week it’s been waking up and getting up together in the middle of the night to care for a sick baby. It’s been taking turns in the kitchen and staying connected even when we’d rather zone out. It’s showing up, at work, at home, with our kids, with our God.

Love continues to look different than I thought, and, it continues to be better. That, is why we celebrate it. On Valentines. On Tuesdays.