Milk & Cookies.

And just like that our girl turned three…I cannot believe it.

Overnight it seems like we gained a little girl and lost a toddler. The way she talks and jokes now, her sense of humor and sensitivity, her curiosity and her creativity. We love all of her, even the stinky, sassy part of her, and are so grateful that God continues to entrust us with parenting her.

We celebrated the kick-off of her birthday week with some oreos and milk, and I la-la-love the way these images reflect her personality!!

That little finger scraping the frosting off kills me!!! How is that act SO instinctual?!!

Liv has been really into tattoos this year…especially Disney princess tattoos;)

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Scottsdale Twin Newborn Photographer: Olivia and Marisa

This was really my first set of twins since focusing on newborn photography and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

I want more;)

The many faces of Alina :) 

Miss Marisa:

Miss Olivia:

My favorite shot of the two of them together, gah, just adore it!!!

Sleeping beauties…

Cap: Scottsdale Newborn Photographer

 I looooooved my time with this sweet little family! If I’m honest I was a little nervous about how photographing a two year old, 14mo old AND newborn would go but they were great!! And we had the most beautiful light and subjects to work with…Enjoy the Cook family!!

Stunning, right?!!!

These outtakes are some of my favorites to date!! Haha, just love toddlers.This one is my favorite though…even if it’s a little blurry, it’s so happy!!This is probably my favorite of Cap by himself.I wanted to steal Kennedy…such a sweet and joyful little toddler. And just look at that RED hair! Gah.

Mackenzie: Tempe Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet heavens did I ever have FUN playing and posing this baby! Mackenzie was angelic and oh-so-precious!

I could have photographed these two together all. day. long.

Simply ADORE this one of Mackenzie with her Daddy!!

If there was an award for most accommodating husband at a shoot then Kip would win it!;)

Janine I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to look this peaceful right after giving birth!

Stoddard Family 2014: Phoenix Family Photographer


The last time this family was in front of my camera was at a pumpkin patch and Mr Caleb was still INSIDE his mama’s belly;)I love, love, love getting to see my families grown and change, it truly is the best part of my job!!

Enjoy their summer session, with a newly TWO year old Natalie and a 6mo old Caleb~