Eilynn: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Eilynn…she was a bit older than my normal newborns and yet an absolute dream to work with!!

I loved my time with her and her sweet mama!! Enjoy how precious she is:

Can you believe her little pink lips? SO sweet and pretty!!

I don’t think there’s anyone more beautiful than a new mama…amazing how love fills and changes us.

Ending with my favorite!!

Locke Everett: A Birth Story

WARNING: This is a long post;)

Locke Everett’s Birth Story

Locke, you came precisely when you wanted to. I was 39 ½ weeks pregnant and had been ready for you for several weeks. Your sister came early so even though I knew cognitively that you would come in your own time, I really thought you’d be here prior to your arrival, so waiting for you seemed to take forever! I had been on maternity leave already for two weeks prior to your arrival, and spent the time preparing our home, seeing friends, cooking and enjoying your sister.

The pregnancy overall was an easy one. I was anxious during the first trimester since I had some bleeding around the same time that I lost the last baby we conceived—it required me to press into my faith to find hope that you were going to be okay. I really, really wanted YOU. Things progressed and despite that early scare, the pregnancy ended up being low risk. I felt you move earlier than with Liv, and imagined that you might be another girl since the pregnancies superficially appeared so similar. We wanted to find out in a unique way if you were a boy or girl, so planned a fun photo shoot in the fall to document our discovery. We had a pinata custom made with the confetti on the inside being pink/blue. To our surprise and utter delight, blue confetti showered us at the shoot and we cried tears of joy and anticipation that our family would have a little boy added to it.

Your Daddy and I had the hardest time deciding on a name for you…Locke was really the only name we ever agreed on. I hope you love it as much as we do. It means he who lives by the stronghold, a fortified place. Your middle name Everett means brave, strong and/or wild boar;)

I went into labor with you on a Friday morning. I woke early with contractions as your Daddy was leaving for work—he wanted to stay with me but since I didn’t know if the contractions would progress, I sent him off with the promise that I’d call if things started to happen. Your sister woke up and we begin our morning routine. Mama’s friend Faith and her babies, Ignatisus and Marigold came over with food and visited during the morning. It was the loveliest kind of distraction…I wish you the type of friendships I have had throughout my life Locke. Safe, grounded, interesting people. The people who have your back, walk through life with you and show up when it matters, when you need them.

My contractions were very sporadic throughout the morning, leaving me to believe that it might be later in the weekend that you’d show up. I contacted my midwife and the photographer I had lined up to let them know what was happening, and found out that my midwife was on her way to another birth and my photographer was shooting a wedding. They left me with strict orders to rest and to not do anything specific to speed up the labor, which was hard since I was ready for you to be here! Anytime I moved my contractions started to speed up and become rhythmic so I tried to rest. Around 2PM they intensified regardless of what I was doing, and thus active labor officially began. I called Daddy and your Aunt Crystal, and both came from work to the house. Crystal stayed awhile and then took Livia home so that I could fully focus on laboring with you. My friend/doula Annie came around 3:30 and Connie, our midwife showed up around 5PM.

We had a lovely hospital birth with your sister, however believed we could have a better yet experience which is why we elected to have a home birth with you. I knew my body was powerful and capable, and that an amazing team of people would support me through it. I was so excited to get to birth at home. While I delivered your sister naturally with a midwife, I still experienced a lot of anxiety throughout my labor and internalized much of my pain…I was in such a different place spiritually and mentally with you, I was not afraid. With each contraction I opened my heart and relaxed my body, inviting you closer to this world. I kept reminding you that we were ready for you. The rushes were powerful and hard, and I progressed quickly through my labor. It was not long at all before I was fully dilated.

Your daddy had spent the afternoon getting our birthing tub ready—that ended up being more time consuming than any of us expected as we have a small water heater. He ended up having to boil large parts of water on the stove and eventually filled our large birthing tub. It was ready for me at 7PM, right around the time that I was ready to start pushing. My friend Kacey arrived at the same time to film your arrival—she is a friend of mama’s from grad school, and I was so grateful she was available since our other photographer was tied up.

I climbed into the birth tub and the water felt so incredibly soothing…it helped my entire body relax and prepare for what was coming. Daddy climbed in and sat behind me, and that also brought such comfort and peace to me. I knew that I wanted to finish laboring with him close to me, that I needed him. I wasn’t having any urges to push, and realized that I was experiencing some fear about finishing. Pushing with your sister was the hardest part—rather than internalize it like I did with her, I found myself speaking out my fear to Connie and Annie, pushing it away from us through my verbalization. Connie prayed for me and then suggested we break my waters since it hadn’t happened naturally and it might increase my body’s urge to push. I was willing, and as she proceeded to do so, the most wild experience happened.

She broke my water, and immediately it felt as though a race car was speeding through my body—before she even removed her hand, you crowned and I pushed you completely out with one rush! She said she’d never seen anything like it—with one push you were resting on my chest. Daddy and I both started crying tears of amazement that you were HERE, and that it happened so smoothly and peacefully.

I felt so unbelievably loved by God with the way you arrived!! It was so peaceful and I felt God’s presence strongly. We were in the safety of our home, surrounded by our people—it was calm and joyous and will forever remain one of the most profound and holy experiences of my life!! They let me hold you in the tub for a little while, and then Daddy held you while they took care of me. You weighed a whopping 8lbs 13.5oz, which is 2lbs bigger than your sister!! We ordered pizza and popped open some champagne and toasted YOU.

Locke we have so much to be thankful for, so much to celebrate—that God would let us know and love you being at the top of the list. I can’t wait to see the person you grow into and pray for the grace to understand how to support you becoming that person.

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful talent behind the lens, Kacey Pearson with Kacey Luvi Photography. A dear friend and talented photographer who filmed and photographed Locke’s birth. Also a shout out to our ROCK STAR midwife, Connie Garcia, with Canyon Midwifery. Her skill and intuition are trustworthy beyond measure!!

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Maxwell & His Mama: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

One thing I’ve been trying to do more of at my newborn shoots are parent and sibling shots…sometimes it’s hard to talk a brand new mama into being in front of the camera. I distinctly remember how I felt after having Livia…so out of it, so unlike myself, YET soooo in love with my new baby. I now regret not having more images of the two of us in those first few months and encourage new parents to take a risk and let my camera love on them.

I’m so glad Mackenzie did, and let me photograph her and her sweet little FIVE day new babe, Maxwell.

Just look at his smile!! I love this image so much I’m half tempted to hang it up in my own home;)

Mackenzie you are so, so lovely…and just look at that squishy baby next to you!!


Ending with a favorite…love how soft and gentle this feels.

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Hazel Mae: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Amelya: Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Oh, this BABY! I adored her and was so excited to put Miss Amelya in front of my camera as I haven’t had a girl-baby in front of my camera since November!

It’s been raining boys around here;)


My favorite shade of pink for a little girl…so soft and sweet.

Tammy is a friend of mine and an amazing fitness instructor with Stroller Strides and Revelation Wellness–she’s pushed my heart and body and I look forward to working with her again once MY baby is on the outside of me, ha!

Aren’t she and Amelya so lovely together?!

Hey there little smile:)

This one might be my favorite from the day!! Love how moody it is and how much she pops–this little lady was very closely spotted to ensure safety.